helping people along the journey...
helping people along the journey...



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5866 S Staples St Ste 330
Corpus Christi, TX 78413

HEALTH QUEST: My quest for the best possible health for myself and others. I use a variety of techniques to achieve balance in all areas, including yoga, Reiki, iridology, muscle testing, herbs and supplements, and essential oils.
REIKI: A hands-on energy healing. Energy is channeled through the practitioner for the client to use as his/her body decides. (One hour session is $65.) Client is on massage table fully clothed. At a minimum, clients can expect a wonderful, deep relaxation. Reiki School: Become a Reiki practioner yourself. Reiki level 1 is $150, level 2 is $250, and level 3 (master/teacher) is $500. Classes are forming now and space is limited. Call to reserve your space.
IRIDOLOGY: The study of the colored part of the eye. Just as reflexology points on the feet relate to other body parts, so does the iris show us what is going on in the physical body. Certain signs and colors and striations point us toward inherently weak areas of the body.
MUSCLE TESTING: Using the muscle of your arm to help determine weak areas of the body. Muscle testing explains your current issues, while iridology tells us about your background. One hour session using muscle testing and iridology to assess your health and devise an herbal program for you is $35.
HERBS AND SUPPLEMENTS: We use Nature’s Sunshine Products’ herbs and supplements. The highest quality on the market.
ESSENTIAL OILS: Oils work on the emotional level as well as the physical. We know that all physical illness or injuries can have an emotional beginning. Nature’s Sunshine has highest quality, yet affordable therapeutic grade essential oils. We can make up a blend just for you.
YOGA: I teach Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:30 at Crossroads Yoga. Airline and McArdle...992-1111.and Corpus Christi Athletic Club on Tuesday and Thursday….992-7100. My style of yoga is Iyengar influenced with a healthy dose of humor, and hands on corrections.

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Dr. Fred Capps, PhD


5866 S. Staples St.

Suite 330
Corpus Christi, Texas


Phone: 361-857-6653


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