helping people along the journey...
helping people along the journey...

Help when life hurts...

Dr. Fred believes that wellness is a product of physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Counseling and life coaching are designed to promote wellness, not just to "band-aid" a problem.

The counseling process begins with assessment and treatment planning tailored for the client or couple. This is achieved through collaboration with the client throughout the assessment and planning process. Dr. Fred believes that clients are more likely to reach their goals when the therapist partners with them rather than prescribes to them.

In the planning phase, Dr. Fred takes into account the client's history, the presenting issue and goals, strengths of the client and support systems, as well as lifestyle preferences. Then, he incorporates treatment methods designed to match the needs and comfort levels of the client so that change can occur normally and naturally.

Treatment methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, guided relaxation and hypnotherapy, EMDR and the EXACT Method, and Motivational Interviewing, all applied with a client-centered approach.

Health Quest offers nutritional counseling, iridology, and Reiki by Helen Warren, a yoga and Reiki master.

Scheduling is easy, and therapy is affordable. In fact, you may find it's the best investment in yourself you could make! Just call or email.

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